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Iron Crowned Chapter 16

Kiyo posed no inquiries when I got back to Enrique and disclosed to him I'd be away and out of contact for some time †however that I confided in him to continue. Truly, Kiyo said little at all as we rushed back to my home. In practically no time, I had a little handbag pressed, and afterward we were set for the Otherworldly intersection. Regardless of what good and bad times had happened in our relationship, he realized me well. He realized I needed to follow up on this right away. The inquiries started once I arrived at my stronghold. â€Å"How the hell,† I started, â€Å"did this happen?† I was in one of the getting rooms, Kiyo close by as I gazed intently at Shaya and a portion of the officers who kept an eye on the grounds. Rurik was with them, which gave me blended emotions. I was happy he returned from Dorian's. I confided in him more than some other military person around here. That being stated, there was a unimportant piece of me that considered him liable. How would someone be able to as proficient as him have allowed this to occur? He scowled, as if speculating my contemplations. â€Å"A little gathering sneaked onto our grounds, overwhelmed her gatekeepers †¦ and took her.† He dithered. â€Å"She just had two with her, Your Majesty. As you'll review, her escort was helped. Still. There is no excuse.† I hadn't saw this sort of tact and regard from Rurik since †¦ well, really, I'd never truly seen it. With Dorian? Truly. Not with me. Jasmine's kidnapping had truly gotten to Rurik, no inquiry. I was almost certain he was thinking about it literally. Be that as it may, I'd likewise found the slight importance in his deliberately worded remark about her helped monitor. That had been my call. I had done it in light of her great conduct and had let her outside additional. I'd realized it was a potential security chance †yet not one that included her leaving without wanting to. â€Å"We're at war,† I said. â€Å"Regardless of her watchman, this entire spot ought to have been under lock-down.† He gestured, face becoming grimmer. â€Å"As I stated, there's no reason. I take full responsibility.† I waved a hand contemptuously. â€Å"It's past the point of no return now. I realize you're carrying out your responsibility. Don't spread yourself out for the butcher. Volusian said there was a note?† Shaya gave me a bit of moved material. Kiyo hung behind me as I read it quietly to myself: To Eugenie, Usurper Queen of the Thorn Land, Daughter of Tirigan Stormi, King: As you no uncertainty know at this point, I include your sister inside my care. On the off chance that you wish her came back to you alive, you and the Oak King will give up genuinely to me. You will stop threats quickly, pull back your armed forces, and surrender your properties. Furthermore, you will surrender the supposed Iron Crown to me. In the event that you don't follow these terms, your sister will be executed around early afternoon, three days from the receipt of this letter. For the present, she is alive, and I have given her into the keeping of my nephew Cassius. I anticipate your reaction. Earnestly, Katrice, Queen of the Rowan Land, Cherished of the Gods I gazed toward the many watching eyes. â€Å"‘Given her into the keeping of my nephew Cassius.' Does that mean what I think it does?† Shaya scowled. â€Å"That is the nephew she needed you to marry.† â€Å"Why execute Jasmine then?† I requested. â€Å"Why not wed her off to Cassius? Isn't that a misuse of one of Storm King's daughters?† â€Å"Katrice abhors you,† said Kiyo delicately. â€Å"At this point, she presumably doesn't think about the prediction. She needs to settle the score with you, hurt you, and on the off chance that that implies slaughtering Jasmine, at that point it's likely an adequate misfortune †particularly on the off chance that she attempts to, at that point offer you to Cassius after this ‘surrender.'† â€Å"So I'd get to live?† Kiyo shrugged. â€Å"Longer suffering.† â€Å"Why pick her as a prisoner though?† I didn't have the foggiest idea why I was contending the rationale here. None of it made a difference. Just the result did. â€Å"Everyone realizes we don't get along.† â€Å"Everyone likewise most likely realizes that has been changing a little,† said Kiyo. â€Å"You carried her to Dorian's.† â€Å"And,† included Shaya, â€Å"a illustrious relative as a rule makes the best prisoner in these situations.† These circumstances. For a second, I almost influenced on my feet, needing to finish my eyes and go off. It had nothing to do with the warmth. It was this. The entirety of this. This circumstance continually rehashing itself. Me and Jasmine, reviled by our blood, consistently to be utilized and caught as assets in a more prominent game. I'd loathed Aeson, yet in any event he'd baited Jasmine into some affectation of adoration before exploiting her. In any case, shouldn't something be said about this Cassius? He'd make no endeavors at consideration. This was about discipline and vengeance, all things considered. Had he previously assaulted Jasmine? Is it true that he was doing it now? A sickening memory of Leith rung a bell, one sharp and clear disregarding the tranquilized state I'd been in during my trial with him. Minutes after the fact, it was supplanted by a picture of this unremarkable Cassius bringing down himself over a falling down Jasmine†¦. I pushed my shortcoming aside, steadying myself and bringing the world go into center. I went to Rurik. â€Å"How far are our armed forces spread out? How before long would we be able to get them together and walk on her? I need to flatten that bitch's territories and set her château ablaze! I need to have the screwing rage of paradise downpour down on her and †â€Å" I cut myself off, as frightened at my words as the others were. Where had that wrath originated from? All things considered, the circumstance, clearly. I wouldn't need anybody tossed to Katrice's nephew before confronting execution. In any case, it happened to me at that time that my response was likewise †¦ individual. Some place, in the good and bad times of our broken family, I'd come to think about Jasmine. My indignation originated from the loss of her. â€Å"Easy, Eug,† said Kiyo, laying a hand on my arm. There was an anxious note in his voice, reflected by the others' looks. I'd once been informed that when I was furious, I looked like my dad. I took a full breath and pushed back any further upheavals. â€Å"Leading a huge armed force in †while merited †wouldn't be †¦Ã¢â‚¬  Rurik was all the while proceeding with caution, despite everything picking words cautiously. â€Å"Well, Katrice was at that point in wartime mode, vigorously watched. After this? The grounds outside her home presumably have triple the gatekeeper they did before.† â€Å"But if our power was enormous enough †¦Ã¢â‚¬  I started. Rurik gestured. â€Å"True. It's conceivable. Particularly if †¦ particularly if my ruler Dorian's armed forces were involved.† He looked uncomfortable at referencing Dorian, yet I could see a thinking about look all over. I had an inclination we had a similar riddle. Would Dorian loan powers to support me? Potentially not, not if his outrage abrogated any dedication to me. Then again, Dorian was still in this war, and I realized him all around ok to figure he may invite a full-out walk on her stronghold. Rurik realized that as well. â€Å"With his powers, it's possible,† Rurik said finally. â€Å"But Katrice's future shielding. It would be ridiculous. It would be ugly.† He didn't sound restricted to that, as such. He was a military man; revolting fights were the type of behavior that most people will accept as normal. Be that as it may, we as a whole realized that wasn't perfect. My psyche spun. Some portion of me needed that enormous power to beat on Katrice since I thought she merited it. This was about more than retribution, nonetheless. It was about Jasmine. I expected to go with the arrangement well on the way to recover her, and an attacking armed force wasn't it. It would take a littler gathering, similarly as she'd no uncertainty sent here, one that could slip in. We were intensely monitored, yet with the various candidates and displaced people continually going back and forth, it was no big surprise Jasmine's ruffians had slipped in. Katrice without a doubt had a comparative stream of individuals going to her during circumstances such as the present, however she'd most likely be on high caution with them as well. â€Å"Imanuelle,† I stated, acknowledging such a large number of snapshots of quietness had passed. â€Å"Can you get me Imanuelle?† It was this, at last, that took the gathering's eyes off me †on the grounds that they all traded bewildered looks. Kiyo's face became pained. â€Å"That's your plan?† Kiyo inquired. â€Å"Assassinate Katrice? Eugenie, you're better than that.† He'd clearly known about Imanuelle. â€Å"I am,† I concurred. â€Å"And more brilliant. Get her for me.† That was to Shaya, who gestured and afterward shot a glance at a drifting worker. He gave a hurried sway of his head and dashed out of the room. â€Å"Ready to rehash history?† I asked Kiyo. â€Å"It'll resemble assaulting Aeson's everything over again.† â€Å"You're going †¦ No. Eugenie, you can't go there.† I signaled to Rurik and started moving for the exit. â€Å"You heard him. We can't get in with an enormous power †not easily.† â€Å"Yes, I get that,† said Kiyo, trailing me. â€Å"But you can't go.† â€Å"I need to go,† I countered. Rurik had rushed along after us. â€Å"He's correct. Send another person. I'll go. We'll sneak in and take her.† I went to a sudden stop, almost making the two men run into me. â€Å"I'm going. This is my duty. Additionally, who else around here can coordinate me magically?† I looked to and fro between their faces, challenging them to challenge me. â€Å"Even so,† said Rurik, â€Å"if you're found, you'll be dwarfed. What's more, you're an adversary sovereign. In wartime. Strolling directly into your adversary's fortification. I can't permit this.† â€Å"It's not your place to permit me to do anything!† I snapped. â€Å"Or you either.† I went to Kiyo for that, speculating his words. â€Å"We won't be found. Not if Imanuelle's in the same class as she claims.† I was so sick of men mentioning to me what I could and couldn't do. I left them and followed off down the lobby toward my room. Neither tailed me immediately, however I scarcely heard Rurik murmur to

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Test Scores and Air Bags - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

Test Scores and Air Bags - UGA Undergraduate Admissions Test Scores and Air Bags This past weekend, I was driving my father to the Atlanta airport, and as is usual, the topic of college admissions came up. There was a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal which discussed the SAT. In one section of the op/ed piece, the writers stated the SAT is still the best objective measure of student aptitude and has proven to be a good predictor of college performance. While discussing the editors knowledge (or lack of ) about grades/course rigor vs test scores, the sunlight hit the windshield just right and I flipped down the visor to block the light. On the back of the visor was the airbag warning sticker, and it got me to thinking about the interplay between different systems in trying to solve a problem. Putting aside the other variables of a college admission review (essays, activities, recommendations), how can a college best utilize grades/rigor and test scores? If you actually read the airbag warning, you will see that one of the key points is Always use seat belts and other child restraints. In other words, while airbags can help in an accident, seat belts are the actual key factor in auto safety, while airbags are secondary safety devices that, along with the seat belts, help to best avoid serious injuries. In looking studies on the effectiveness data on seat belts and airbags in possible fatalities for drivers, three-point seat belts alone had a 48% effectiveness rating, airbags alone had a 14% effectiveness rating, while the two together had a 54% effectiveness rating. Effectiveness data for passengers was slightly lower, but the same concept of seat belts being the primary safety factor and using the two devices together yielded the best results. In other words, seat belt usage is the best individual predictor of surviving a crash, but using both seat belts and airbags gives you the best possible survival rate. And as the sticker (and other statistical data) shows, the airbag providers understand their products role as a supplemental safety feature, not a stand alone one. In the same vein, multiple studies have shown that the best individual predictor of how a student will do in college is their performance in the classroom (grades/coursework) during their high school years. Even the ACT and the College Board begrudgingly admit this fact, while also noting that looking at grades/rigor and test scores together can give even more insight, similar to the modest increase in safety that airbags add to seat belts when used together. At UGA, we recognize this in our review process, and use test scores as a supplemental part of our review, but not as a primary or dominant factor. Of course, there is still a great amount of debate on how much different factors actually predict college success, but I think the results are pretty clear that the Wall Street Journals op/ed conclusion that test scores are the best objective measure is just plain wrong. And just like the growth in safety features, colleges now have so much more information available to use in their reviews, from multiple recommendations to writing samples, volunteer work to activities and leadership roles. Different college admission offices have different thoughts on how to balance the variety of different factors in an admission review, and I am fine with each college making the choice that best fits their situation and insight. College A wants to be test optional? Im good with that. College B wants to use student submitted videos to add to all the other admission information? Im good with that too. Every college admissions office needs to do their research and find the best balance of the different variables they will use in their review, and balance that with their staffing and timeline challenges to find the best process for their own institution. As our office has stated multiple times, what a student does over four years in high school (grades and coursework) plays a much more vital role in our academic review that an SAT or ACT score. We still look at both of these factors, along with a wide range of co-curricular information, but how a student does in the classroom is the main academic factor in our review. When I am driving my 2004 minivan with 230,000 miles on it (yes, I am a dad with two kids who works in education), the first thing I do is put on my seat belt. I am glad to have the airbags, but I know that the seat belt is the thing I am relying on to keep me safe. In the same way, when I am looking at an admissions file, my focus in the academic portion of the review is on how a student has performed in the classroom day in and day out, with the SAT/ACT scores to help provide context but not dominate this review area. We are happy to have a wealth of information about our applicants, and we also understand the importance of each of the different pieces of data. I hope this post gives some insight into our viewpoint, and Go Dawgs!

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Political Corruption and Empowerment - 1889 Words

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1 2. Description of participant and empowerment 1 3. What it meant by the bureaucracy 1 3. Why mass participation and empowerment are important 2 4. Why the concept of mass participation has been elusive in the third world 3 5. How mass participation and empowerment are promoted or discouraged by the action of the bureaucracy in my area 4 amp; 5 6. Conclusion Student number : ASSIGNMENT 3 INTRODUCTION The influence of the bureaucracy on mass participation and empowerment, how mass participation and empowerment are promoted or discouraged by actions of the bureaucracy. PARTICIPATION Participation is dynamic process aimed at involving the masses†¦show more content†¦Aid allocations need to increase if meaningful solutions are to occur. Making the rural poor involved in empowerment and participatory programs is hard to achieve due to their social exclusion. The gap between the poor in rural areas and those who are more wealthy is large and widening Because the rural poor are socially excluded, often development organisations such as the World Bank think of the poor are ignorant and complacent. More often they are not excluded from participating in projects in a meaningful way, due to pre existing biased views that they are not worthy, or indeed, have the skills to participate effectively. (Courtney et all in Godinot and Wodon (ed). 2006. 3). Lack of empowerment amongst rural people leads to their vulnerability and thus most development projects tend to benefit the benefactors rather than the beneficiaries. In light of this sustainable development is not achieved because non-participation of local people means that rural development is not self-sustaining. Therefore, local rural people play an important role in rural development because they understand their situation and problems better than the government, aid agencies and other stakeholders. This highlights the gap between the reality and ideal of empowerment and participatory development where the poor themselves are considered the centre of the process and the most vital players. Rural areas in developing countriesShow MoreRelatedPolice Brutality And Corruption, War, And Peace1640 Words   |  7 Pages This research question will clearly address the variations of police practices over the past 5 years in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, due to the recent incidents regarding police brutality and corruption. Using Chapter 12 Politics, Power, War, and Peace, will help show the relationships between politics in law enforcement and police officers, which deals with a lot of power and peace. Chapter 12 Politics, Power, War, and Peace, Section Cultural Controls in Maintaining Order states â€Å"EveryRead MoreImplementation of Good Governance in Pakistan1095 Words   |  5 PagesGood Governance in Pakistan ‘Governance’ is the exercise of power or authority – political, economic, administrative or otherwise –to manage a country s resources and affairs. It comprises the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences. ‘Good governance’ means competent management of a country’s resources and affairs in a manner that is open, transparentRead MoreAn Eyewitness Of Police Brutality Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesWe wonder will the world will ever change and if people of America will be able to trust and believe in those who protect and serve. This is what people of America hope for, which may takes years to happen. Police officers practice many forms of corruption, whether it may be drug tariffing, brutality, sub- culture or perjury. These issues have been a major problem for years and are well known. No police officer wants his or her department to have a bad name, so they try to find all ways possible toRead MoreINSECURITY IN NIGERIA1454 Words   |  6 Pagesperpetuate and participate in any form of illegality. What are the causes of Poverty in Nigeria? In tracing the structural causes of poverty in Nigeria, Aigbokan, (2000), observed the following as some of the causes of poverty in Nigeria: 1. Political instability and corruption by the elites in which through their actions and inactions has literally hindered and subvert any concerted effort by the government and other donor agencies in alleviating it. 2. Long history of ethno-religious and politically motivatedRead MoreSelf Help Group Of Rural Assam912 Words   |  4 PagesSELF-HELP GROUP OF RURAL ASSAM AND ITS ROLE IN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Dr. Polee Saikia1 1 Associate Professor, Department of Education, Gauhati University, Assam, India. ABSTRACT: Women empowerment is a universal issue. Women empowerment refers to the creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society. It refers to increasing and improving the social, economic, political and legal strength of the women, to ensure equal rightRead MoreDemocracy And Good Governance Presents Its Own Problematic1573 Words   |  7 Pagesproperty rights in those who are power. This limits role of ideas in taking precedence over the political economy (Campbell: 1998). The ideas represented by the class of organic intellectuals needs to extend beyond just the interests of society, state interests, to incorporate a consideration of the global world order. I have suggested that countries cannot effectively create good governance, fight corruption or limit the power of economic actors without the material capability to do so. Yet as globalRead MoreThe Demographic Transition Of Nigeria996 Words   |  4 Pagesthe population grows. Developing nations are generally found within these first two phases while developed nations fall into the later stages. In combination with availability of contraception, stage three introduces family planning and female empowerment to the equation. Increased female education, employment opportunities for women, urbanization, and rising wages results in women baring fewer children. As such, stage three sees a decline in population growth, rectifying the imbalance from the previousRead MoreCorruption Of Indi Corruption1511 Words   |  7 PagesCorruption in India Corruption is not a new phenomenon in India. It has been prevalent in society since ancient times. History reveals that it was present even in the Mauryan period. Great scholar Kautilya mentions the pressure of forty types of corruption in his contemporary society. It was practised even in Mughal and Sultanate period. When the East India Company took control of the country, corruption reached new height. Corruption in India has become so common that people now are averse to thinkingRead MoreUnjust and Corrupt Practices in South African Government1019 Words   |  5 Pagesyet a majority of its people is impoverished (Carr). South Africa, later called the Republic of South Africa, is a country where the people repeatedly experienced injustice and corruption from their government, the apartheid and the African National Congress. The South African people suffered from injustice and corruption in both white and black governments. The apartheid system consists of all-white government offi cials, while the African National Congress consists of people of color. The leadersRead MoreEssay on The Conflict of the Republic of the Congo1655 Words   |  7 Pagesto a lack of democracy. The lack of democracy has developed an unfair supply of resources and corruption amongst government officials. Corruption in government slows the economic growth for all societies. The government is weak, and the judicial system is vulnerable against large political interference. Political conflict and the damage of social and economic structure have destroyed the economy. Corruption among government officials and foreign investors in the Republic of Congo has increased widespread

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Interview Victoria Sanders And Interview - 1511 Words

The professional I selected to interview was Victoria Sanders. I chose to interview this professional because I admire the work she does. I am still not sure what I want to do with my MFC when I obtain it, but for now I would like to work with children victims of abuse and families. I want to help children with their trauma and help them grow in a positive manner. Children are the future generation therefore they need all the support and understanding they can get. I gain a sense of happiness and fulfillment when I work with children. I have previous experience working with children and I enjoyed every opportunity. Children are fun, happy and love to play. I wouldn’t mind having a career where all I do is play. In the beginning I want to focus on that population and then explore out. One of my overall goals is to own my own practice and give back to the community. I met Victoria Sanders this school semester she is my professor for one of my counseling classes. The course is held Thursday nights 7pm-9pm and she is always full of energy. I have grown to admire Mrs. Sanders and the work she provides to the community. One can see how passionate she is about her work through the form she expressed herself and how she glows when she is teaching to her students. Mrs. Sanders is a great example of someone who I share the same interest. Although not having much experience she took on the challenge to open up her own business, in my opinion that is admirable. Some of theShow MoreRelatedRebranding for Kfc1539 Words   |  7 PagesHistory of Kentucky Fried Chicken: In 1930 Harland sanders opened a small restaurant called â€Å"Sanders court and Cafe†. In 1936 was made honorary Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his contribution to the state’s cuisine. In 1940 the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices were born. In 1957 Kentucky fried Chicken used to be sold in buckets. In1966 The Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation goes public. In 2002 the tricon global Restaurant Inc which owned KFC changed its name to YUM! Brands.INC InRead MoreEuthanasi The Controversial Issue Of Euthanasia1650 Words   |  7 Pageslegalisation of AS. However, within the process of legalising VE in Australia some ethical issues may arise. Opponents of euthanasia, especially the religious groups, find that voluntary euthanasia lacks ethics, not respecting the sanctity of human life. (Sanders, K Chaloner, C, 2007) Medical experts also face this dilemma, ending a patient’s life directly or indirectly, morally wrong. The Doctrine of Double Effect (DDE) is where a person carries out an act, while foreseeing the negative consequences. (BoninRead MorePresidential Election : President Of The United States1504 Words   |  7 PagesVictoria Zayas English 071 Jon E. Stern July 6, 2016 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ARGUMENT When it comes to the topic of the 2016 presidential election most of us will readily agree that the decision on who is to become the President of the United States of America is a difficult choice. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of who is a better fit for Presidency. WhileRead MoreA Religious Organization1509 Words   |  7 Pagesthe most are the after school programs, the music programs offered at schools, even food shelters to help out struggling families. Wal-Mart is helping out more than the Mormon Church does, and the Mormon Church is not taxed. A stated in Newsweek by Victoria Bekiempis: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which Cragun is formerly a member, only gave .7 percent of its annual income to charity between 1985 and 2008. Wal-Mart, on the other hand, gives about $1.75 billion in food aid to charitiesRead MoreUnderstanding Healthcare3421 Words   |  14 Pagesis clear that organizations which manage to reduce employees occupational stress, would promote their employees well-being. KEEGEL, T., OSTRY, A. LAMONTAGNE, A. D. 2009. Job Strain Exposures vs. Stress-Related Workers Compensation Claims in Victoria, Australia: Developing a Public Health Response to Job Stress. Journal of Public Health Policy, 30, 17-39. DANIELS, K. 2004. Perceived risk from occupational stress: a survey of 15 European countries. Occupational Environmental Medicine, 61, 467-470Read MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pages Operational Role of HR Management Operational activities are tactical in nature. Compliance with equal employment opportunity and other laws must be ensured, employment applications must be processed, current openings must be filled through interviews, supervisors must be trained, safety problems must be resolved, and wages and salaries must be administered. In short, a wide variety of the efforts performed typically are associated with coordinating the management of HR activities with the actionsRead MoreFactors Related to Students Performance in Nat13438 Words   |  54 Pagesreading surveyed on and database documents which are significant research materials in this study. The purpose is shown that the content of the subject matter in this study are supported by the authorities. Local Related Literature From the interview of Bulatlat Magazine dated June 2006 to the Chairman of Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), Mr. Jerry Tinio said that public school students do poorly in diagnostic and achievement tests. Last June 2002, the overall performance score of Grade IVRead MoreAlternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism21967 Words   |  88 PagesAdvisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) was set up in 1974 to deal with industrial disputes, and at the end of the 1980s commercial mediation services became available, corresponding to the Lord Chancellor’s statement in a television interview, â€Å"Mediation and other methods of resolving disputes earlier, without going to court, produce satisfactory results to both sides are, I think, very much to be encouraged† (Acland, 1990). The ADR movement has been gaining popularity, and a movementRead MoreGuidelines, Policies And Procedures Within Ownu.k Home Nation Affecting The Safeguarding Of Children And Young Peopl e10852 Words   |  44 Pagesstipulates that every child should be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make positive contributions and achieve economic well-being. These guidelines led to the 2004 Children Act as a direct result of the Laming Report following the death of Victoria Climbie. This report criticised the way in which the case was handled and made over 100 recommendations to overhaul child protection throughout the UK the main points of which included that there should be a much closer working relationship betweenRead MoreThe Effects of Advertising on Children33281 Words   |  134 PagesMelbourne Central Tower 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne PO Box 13112 Law Courts Melbourne Vic 8010 Tel: 03 9963 6800 Fax: 03 9963 6899 TTY: 03 9963 6948 Sydney Central Office Level 15, Tower 1 Darling Park 201 Sussex Street, Sydney PO Box Q500 Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230 Tel: 02 9334 7700, 1800 226 667 Fax: 02 9334 7799 Australian Communications and Media Authority ii Contents PREFACE.....................................................................................................

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Promoting Health and Well-being Free Essays

The aim of this assignment is to carry out a health promotion campaign on an area that I feel is being publicised regularly in the media. The area that I have chosen is binge drinking as it is growing concern in today’s society and by carrying out this campaign I hope to raise awareness within my chosen target group. I will look at the different aspects on binge drinking and the different campaigns undertaken by the government in order to control binge drinking. We will write a custom essay sample on Promoting Health and Well-being or any similar topic only for you Order Now I will carry out both primary and secondary research in order to devise my health promotion campaign. What is binge drinking? There is no actual definition of the term ‘binge drinking’ although it is usually defined as drinking more than half the recommended weekly intake in one session. It is important to recognise that the majority of people do not consider themselves to be binge drinking as they may be oblivious to the recommended weekly allowance or they may be on a night out and do not realise that they are binge drinking/. People ‘binge drink for many reasons but it often caused by: * Peer pressure from friends * To escape from the pressures of life in order to relax. * To increase self confidence and self esteem to deal with social situations * To have fun Binge drinking is also drinking with the intention of getting drunk, drinking as much as possible in a short pace of time and also to the point in which you lose control. Binge drinking is caused by the decrease of alcohol prices so people are able to afford more. Also most people today have an increased disposable income to which they are able to spend anywhere, and most people feel spending it on drink it beneficiary. Drinking surveys in the UK normally define Binge drinkers as men drinking eight or more units of alcohol in one drinking session and for a woman it would be six or more units. This is double the maximum recommended ‘safe limit’s’ for men and women respectively. Many experts and institutions now use this as a definition of binge drinking. The ‘National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’ defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 grams percent or above. Below is a graph that shows the results of a survey carried between 1998 till 2005 of the percentage of people drinking more than the daily number of units of alcohol: ( ( Read also Six Dimensions of Health Worksheet From this graph we can see that a higher percentage of men drink more than the recommended daily number units of alcohol than woman. But in 2004 we can see that the percentage of men binge drinking has decreased and the percentage of women has slightly decreased. Statistics: Binge drinking has become more and more common in today’s society especially with college students as it has become the norm that they go out and get drunk on a typical night out. Below are few statistics that I have found on binge drinking: ‘Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that over 50% of 15 to 16 year-olds have participated in binge drinking, and another report showed that 44% of 18 to 24-year-olds are regular binge drinkers.’ ( â€Å"Almost one in every six female drinkers aged over 16 now drinks more than double the recommended daily amount of three units,† the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found. ( These statistics are very shocking as at the age of 16 girls should not be consuming alcohol never mind drinking the double daily amount of recommended units. This shows that there are no barriers to the age that young people will start experiencing alcohol ‘one third of fourteen year olds and half of fifteen years are drinking alcohol weekly’ ( If they are doing this now at such a young age then this could lead to serious implications with their health in later years. Two in three of the 1,600 under-18s who needed medical treatment after drinking binges last year were girls. ( This statistic that was published by the Sunday Mirror in March of 2009 we can see from this that young women are putting themselves at risk by binge drinking. In Northern Ireland a shocking 44% of young people admitted to having their first alcohol drink aged between 11-13 years with an unbelievable 15% of young people admitting to being just 10 or younger when they had their first alcoholic drink. (Northern Ireland Statistics ; Research Agency) 2008 ( This statistic proves how many young people in Northern Ireland locally have had an alcoholic drink and this could lead to binge drinking very easily. We can see from this statistic that the percentage of people is increasing throughout the number of age groups. Ireland is listed as having one of the highest levels of binge drinking among the 15-16 year age group. In a recent European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Drugs 1 in 4 young people in Ireland and the UK claim they have been drunk 20 times within the previous 30 days. (Northern Ireland Statistics ; Research Agency) 2008 Within the UK the binge drinking problem is also a major concern with â€Å"More than a third of British adults drink over the safe daily alcohol limit,† (The Guardian newspaper) January 2009 ( However the amount of adults and young people binge drinking is on the increase governments have had to put forward other ways to tackle this social problem in the form of strategies. Below are three strategies that are put in place in the UK today. * The know your limits campaign – This strategy was launched in 2008 by the Public Health Minister as part of a à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½10 million government campaign to tackle binge drinking. Its aim was to make aware to people the units in drinks so that they may be encouraged to stick to these guidelines. They advertised this campaign through adverts, radio, the press and billboards. It has a budget of à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½6million from 2008 and 2009 to target those at most risk of binge drinking, the 18 to 24 year olds. It provides people with guidelines of how to stick with the recommended daily units of 2-3 units a day for women and 3-4 units a day for men. As well as this it puts out there images of how binge drinking can affect the individual’s health particularly through the advert on ‘You wouldn’t start a night like this, so why end it that way’, in which the girl is shown a pouring drink all over her clothes and vomiting. ( DH_084904) * The safe sensible Social Strategy – This strategy was launched in 2007 by the Department of Health and Home Office. It set out goals to which they hoped to promote sensible so that harm to the person was reduced. The aims that they set out are: * Minimise health harms * Minimise violence and antisocial behaviour * Ensure people enjoy alcohol safely and responsibly They aimed to encourage a safe environment by focusing on support and information for those who are at most risk. * The Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy – This strategy was set up for England alone by the government to decrease the harm caused by alcohol and binge drinking. It was not established to cut out drinking alcohol completely but to prevent, minimise and manage the effects of binge drinking. Target group: For this assignment I will be taken a sample of the population in order to carry out a questionnaire so that I am able to get their views and opinions on binge drinking. When deciding on what group I chose to target for binge drinking I took into consideration what age group and sex the health promotion campaign would benefit, will the target group be willing to participate and will they be interested in the research carried out. I have chosen a target group which I will focus my study on and focus the types of questions I will be asking. I have chosen females between the ages of 15 – 18. Rationale for my chosen target group: The reason that I have chosen females between the ages of 15 – 18 was because I could relate to them as they are girls around the same age as me. I also chose this target group as they are easy to access as it relates to year 12 to year 14 within my school. Another reason that I chose to target this age group and this sex was because, when I was looking at the statistics that I gathered both locally and nationally I found out that, over 50% of 15-16 year-olds have participated in binge drinking and almost one in every six female drinkers aged over 16 now drinks more than double the recommended daily amount of three units. Within my area in Derry it has become increasingly popular to drink at a young age and drink is very easily accessible and Fake identification is also on the increase and I would like to be more aware of these issues. So by carrying out this health promotion activity on binge drinking I feel that I can either prevent or delay them to a later age so that they are a lot more sensible and totally aware of the dangers and effects of binge drinking. Resources While carry out this assignment, I have had to gather different forms of research for the chosen topic. I will now discuss the types of secondary research that I have gathered and why these are of importance: * Internet – I have found information regarding statistics for binge drinking rates within the UK and Derry. I have referenced the sites that I have used throughout my assignment. * Newspaper article – An article that was published in March of 2009 in the Sunday Mirror stating that ‘Two in three of the 1,600 under-18s who needed medical treatment after drinking binges last year were girls.’ * Television documentary – In one of my lessons in my health and social care class I watched a programme on the effects of binge drinking that the celebrity Michelle Heaton took on in order to show the British Public what they are doing to their health and bodies. It really showed both me and the viewers the reality of the dangers of binge drinking throughout numerous weeks. It definitely portrayed the negative sides of binge drinking. I felt that it highlighted the dangers of binge drinking and the serious risks involved. * Health promotion leaflet regarding alcohol – Alcohol ; Young people has been put together in Northern Ireland. It includes questions and answers on alcohol and there are also useful contact details to contact in order to get advice and guidance. The leaflet was useful as it was easy read and educational for the reader. * A leaflet – I also used another leaflet that I found in my local hospital which clearly set out the dangers of binge drinking on the human body through a diagram. I felt that this was beneficial to me as a reader as it was easily set out. I have used all the above resources which have enabled me to gain a greater understanding of the definition of binge drinking. I felt that this has enabled begin my health promotion campaign with a greater understanding of the term binge drinking. How to cite Promoting Health and Well-being, Papers Promoting health and well-being Free Essays string(23) " of a disabled person\." Health and well being can mean different things to different people. Health and well being can be described in different ways like: The achievements and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability. This is a positive definition of health and well-being. We will write a custom essay sample on Promoting health and well-being or any similar topic only for you Order Now The absence of physical illness and disease and mental distress is a negative definition of health and well-being. The holistic definition of health and well-being is the combination of Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social health. I think health and well-being means being able to run a mile because if you can’t run a mile you are not healthy. You might not exercise regularly so you are not healthy. I think hardly ever going to the doctor means that you are not healthy because you don’t now if you have any diseases and you don’t know if you are ill so you have to go to the doctor. I think to be healthy you will need to have a good figure, need to go to the doctors regularly and doing exercise regularly. Physical needs are all about our body working. Everyone’s body is unique and we need all our cells to work because we need to do certain things at certain at time like going to the gym regularly. There are certain physical needs every one needs like food, water, shelter, warmth, clothing, rest. If we didn’t have theses things our body wouldn’t work the way want it to work. Intellectual needs are the things that keep our brain working like education, mental stimulation and employment. If our minds or brain does not work regularly, this will affect our health. A disabled person will have a problem on learning new things. Emotional needs are all about people being loved, respected and secure. Read also Six Dimensions of Health Worksheet People need to feel, recognise and express their different emotions to cope with situation in their life like: when you fall in love and then get married, you find out that your partner is having an affair, you need to be able to get over it. Social needs are those that make us adapt to environment like making new mates. You need these because it will affect your health. This can include you having a relationship with some one. You need to enjoy your self because this can affect your health. http://www. european-quality. co. uk This is a picture of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It shows things that a person will need in life to survive and it shows what a person that might not need as much as other things The triangle shows important needs at the bottom and complicated needs at the top. The triangle is set like this because it is showing the things we need in life to survive like food, drink and etc. this is shown at the bottom. At the top it is showing what we don’t need in life to survive like self-actualisation. This is the complicated need of a person in life. There is a table that is showing life stages from infancy to later adult hood. Infancy aged around 0 to 3 years Child hood aged around 4 to 10 years Adolescence aged around 11 to 18 years Adult hood aged around 19 to 65 years Later adult hood aged around 65+ years People’s health will change during life at Infancy and child hood. At this age the child will need help going round. The baby will need help to sleep. It needs protecting and the baby will cry for food. This is a physical need of child. The baby will learn how to play with toys. How to communicate with others. The baby will start listening to music. The parents will need to teach the child to read by reading bedtime story. This is an intellectual need of a child. The baby will need love and care from parents. This is an emotional need of a child. The baby will need to make new friends and will need to go to nursery. This is a social need of a child. At adolescence peoples health change dramatically. This person will start going on to sports like running, gymnastic. The person will become healthier and will have a good diet. Some times the person will have a bad diet so he or she will be not healthy. This is the person’s physical need of a person. There hormones will be high! This person will go to school to be educated. He or she will learn new skills. They will learn how to play games like jigsaw, chest. This is the intellectual need of adolescence. Adolescence will start to understand what hormones are and will start to develop it. He or she will star to have relationship with the opposite sex (male or female). This is an emotional need of a child. These teenagers will start making mates. He or she will start to go out with mates. It will star doing activity (hobbies). It might go to clubs. This is a social need of a child. A disabled person’s life will change dramatically like he or she might recover the disability. If the person is disabled he or she will need different types of health. This depends on how the he or she is disabled. The disabled might need help like: how to walk, accessibility such as lifts, needs potential help. Some disabled need help every time. He or she might need help to go to the toilet (can’t control bladder). This is physical need of a disabled person. You read "Promoting health and well-being" in category "Papers" The disabled person will need to learn how to use a wheelchair. They might need to be educated. This is an intellectual need of a disabled person. The disabled will need ways to deal with bullies like: people laughing at them. It will need love from parents, sisters, brothers and family. This is an emotional need of a disabled person. A disabled person will need help have difficult making new mates because he different to everyone around him. Many parents don’t let their disabled children out because he or she might get lost or might have got into a fight or might have done serious damage to themselves. This is a social need of a disabled person. At adult hood it is a time to take on roles of independence, lifestyles, marriage, and family. During adult hood people health changes because of many reasons like: Physical, this is a time where we are our healthiest and will reach our peak performance. Intellectual, at adult hood, it will be harder to learn new things because our brain is becoming weaker day by day. They can try to learn new things but this time it will be harder. They can learn to play games like: darts. People go to school at adult hood so they can get educated. Emotional, at adult hood people will become more emotional. Their hormones develop. They might fall in love with the opposite sex. They might loose a member of there family. Social, at adult hood people will go out more with mates. They might go clubbing or they might go to a strip club. They will have more confident. They will make friends easily. Some people might find making friends hard. This can be because he or she might be shy. At later adult hood people over the age of 65, health will change very quickly like he or she will retire. This means they are very old. Many older people start doing things they have not done when they were younger and when they were at work. They might go on a vacation. They might start to play some type of sport like golf. Some older adults are not able to be as active in their retirement as others because they are not as healthy as they used to be. They might also loose their partner or a member of his or her family. The standard definition of negative health and well-being is when someone thinks that health isn’t injuries, illness or disease. But this is a negative definition of health and well-being. For example, David aged 40, works in a super market. He takes drugs like cocaine, cannabis, and magic mushrooms. He thinks he is healthy because the drugs make him feel good and tough and he hasn’t been ill for 15 years. His hasn’t been for a check up and hasn’t been to the doctor. He doesn’t know that he has lung cancer and asthma. Rebecca aged 20, works as a car instructor. She doesn’t exercise regularly. She smokes because all her mates smoke. She thinks it is cool smoking so she doesn’t go to her local doctor for check ups. She hasn’t been there for 7 years. She thinks she is healthy because she is skinny and she is good looking. This two are examples of negative health and well-being. The standard definition of positive health and well-being is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This means if someone is not feeling well he or she goes to the doctor and also has regular check-ups to ensure the body stays healthy. For example: Tom aged 30, works in hospital. He thinks he is healthy because he goes to the gym every day for 3 hours. He likes weight lifting because it makes his muscles bigger. He isn’t on medication and goes to doctors regularly for a range of checkups. He doesn’t take drugs. Tom has no illness. He also has a healthy diet and goes out often with his friends. Clair aged 15 thinks she is health because she runs a mile every day and goes to the gym regularly. She likes taking gymnastic classes. She goes to a private school called Challenge College. In school she has joined many after school clubs like chess club, basketball and others. She goes to her GP regularly and she doesn’t have any dieses. Theses two are examples of positive health and well-being. Here is the 1948 definition of health and well-being: The World Health Organisation takes a more positive view when it describes health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of dieses of infirmity’ (WHO, 1946) Here is the recent definition of health and well-being: The more up to date world health organisation definition of health is â€Å"the extent to which an individual or group is able, on the one hand, to realise aspirations and satisfy needs and, on the other hand, to change or cope with the environment. The later definition of health and well-being is better. This is because the old version does not include the health change day to day but it includes the recent definition of health and well-being. In the 1948 definition of health and well-being it doesn’t say anything about life stages changes every day but it mentions about the mental and physical health. The meaning of holistic health is, when a person refers to (P. I. E. S) physical, intellectual, emotional and social. For example everything and everyone around us and affect our health. We need to be prepared for any challenge in life. Here are some examples: Samantha aged 20, works as a train conductor is always looking at all her aspects of her life like: Physical: She always goes to the gym because she likes to be fit and healthy. She is always eating healthily. She goes to doctors for regular checkups. Samantha goes jogging every morning. Intellectual: she is always thinking on how she can improve her life. She goes to college so she can be educated and she is learning how to drive a car. She has started to play games like chess and monopoly. She has started playing for the girl’s basket ball team. Emotional: she has broken up with her boyfriend. She hasn’t let the broke up upset too much. She is still living with her parent. She looks after her nieces and nephews. Her grandparents have passed away. She doesn’t care much about this because she didn’t now them at all. Social: Samantha is always thinking of new ways of making new mates. She likes going out with her mates. She likes going to Hollywood bowls. She spends most of her time with her boyfriend called David. Dom aged 60, doesn’t work because he has retired and he is disabled. He always looks at his aspects of his life like. Physical: He has to sit in a wheel chair. He rides in his and thinks it is fun. His granddaughter is looking after her. He goes doctors for check ups. He is exercising his upper body because he can’t exercise his lower body. Intellectual: Dom has started to take chess clubs lessons. He has started to learn French. He has joined a basketball team. He is learning how to play basketball. He is learning how to play other sports so he can stay fit. Emotional: Dom has lost his wife in a car accident. The death of his wife affecting him for a long time. He has four grand children. He looks after three of them in his spare time. Social: Dom can’t do things he dreamt to do along time ago because of his disability. He goes out a lot but can’t do everything a normal person can do. He has lots of mates. Lots of his mates come and see him and see how he is doing. In school and at home I asked people what they think health and well-being means to them. I asked Junayed, my parents, my brothers, my friend Tom and my friend Ashlie. Here are the results of my health quiz. How to cite Promoting health and well-being, Papers

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Marketing a new medical business venture

In any type of marketing the characteristics of the people who form the market are important. The strategies to be employed by the marketer depend on who they are selling their ideas. In our case the physicians are to market themselves to people of a high caliber who tend to always be busy.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing a new medical business venture specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This will greatly affect both the arrangement of their offices, location of the offices, office procedures and scheduling of the services. The article goes ahead to explain some of the important measures that should be taken by the physicians to ensure they carry out their business as effectively as possible. Starting off with the office organization measure, it is important to note that Boomers, Gen-Xers, and N-Gen white-collar workers are extremely busy people. This is a strong factor to consider when laying down the off ice structure. These people are not ready to spend a lot of time in queues in search of medical services. The physicians should have more than one serving points to reduce the number of people queuing. The number of serving points can be determined by simulation methods (Berkowitz, 2010). In this simulation exercise a model of the office can be used and the number of expected clients estimated. Using either queuing techniques or random numbers the physicians will easily determine the number of servers they require. This will reduce the time spent in the offices seeking the services. Their ever busy customers will then visit the offices in large numbers in their free time (Berkowitz, 2010). They should also try to reduce the number of procedures or desks that one person goes through before being served. The individuals serving these high class customers should be highly qualified to ensure the best services are offered. The highly qualified individuals will also help the clients spen d less time in the offices as they will serve them faster. Positioning of the office and other advertisement materials should be looked at keenly. The office should be situated in a central location or a place that most of the clients visit on a daily basis. Advertisement notices on the office building should be conspicuous and easily noticeable from a distance. This is because the white collar job professionals do not have time to read through small writings but will definitely read the conspicuous writings even if they do not intend to read them.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Scheduling the service time is also a very strong factor to be taken into consideration as far as marketing their business is concerned. The physicians have to study their clients, their schedules, when they are off duty and when they are likely to seek the services. This will help them come up with a service schedule that will see them manage their clients in the best way possible. It can be achieved by either scheduling the service hours to coincide with the off duty hours of their clients (Berkowitz, 2010). They can also allocate shifts to their staff such that those who are highly qualified and can work faster when there are more clients. The number of serving points can also be determined and changed from time to time depending on the available clients. It will be a good idea for the physicians to stretch and work over the weekend because it’s during the weekends that the mentioned customers will be free. Reference Berkowitz, E. (2010). Essentials of Health Care Marketing. New York, NY: Jones Bartlett Learning. This essay on Marketing a new medical business venture was written and submitted by user Julianne Kirk to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.